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We promote your music only to the people who matter, using YouTube ads

1Target the subscribers of channels with similar music

2Advertise to the countries or regions you select

3Promote your videos to people using relevant search terms on YouTube

4Segment people based on the music genres they are interested in

5Our team continuously optimises your ads to get better results

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VRocket works for any music genre

All-inclusive pricing from only $30

Only pay when they watch your music video

1Prices include YouTube ad spend and management fee

2Only pay for people watching at least 30 seconds of your video

3Inlcudes ongoing optimization and VRocket dashboard reporting

4Precise targeting to ensure we reach the people who matter to you

5To see price details, please proceed to start your campaign

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Measure Your Results

See how your campaign is performing

With our VRocket dashboard you can see exactly how your video ads are doing and follow along your growth journey. See impressions, views, view rate and a breakdown of demopgrahics for people who have watched your video

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Don't just believe us. Believe our customers

Don't just believe us.
Believe our customers

Getting your music in front of millions of people has never been easier

Starting from only $30

Dedicated account manager

Only advertise to relevant people

How will your music videos show on YouTube?

Trueview Discovery Ads

Your music video will show up on YouTube search results for relevant keywords, as well as on the YouTube homepage and alongside related videos. You only pay when people click to watch your video

Trueview Discovery Ads

A skippable, online video ad that appears before the main video. You only pay if people watch at least 30 seconds of your video. Videos are targeted to show to subscribers of channels with music similar to yours


All plans include advertising budget and can be cancelled any time

How does VRocket work?

Our expert marketing team has experience managing thousands of YouTube ad campaigns for our clients. We create personalized advertising campaigns that target the people most relevant to your music video.

If you're looking to boost your exposure, grow your youtube channel, grow a fanbase and increase your opportunities to be discovered by agents, then you need VRocket.

How do my videos show on YouTube?

Our advertising strategies use two types of YouTube advertising campaigns. YouTube In-stream videos are skippable videos that appear before the main video. The other format we use are Discovery ads, which allow us to show your video on YouTube search results, on the YouTube homepage and alongside related videos.

How can I track performance?

VRocket comes with a dashboard showing you the number of views driven to your videos on a daily basis, as well as metrics such as impressions and the view rate. Your dashboard will also show you demographics of the people who have viewed your video such as age, gender and where they are from.

How do you target my campaigns?

This is what separates experienced marketing teams from people just "selling views and likes". Targeting is crucial because it determins that the people who will see your video are also likely to be interested in your type of music. What would be the point of showing rap music videos to people who love classical music right?

To reach the right people, we target subscribers of channels whose music is similar to yours. If you produce rap music for example that's similar to Snoop Dog or Dr. Dre, we could target subscribers of their YouTube accounts.

How many suscribers do I get?

We advertise your videos to the most relevant people and charge you based on the minimum amount of views we guarantee. Because we only show your videos to real people, whether or not they subscribe to your channel will largely depend on whether they love your music or not. The amount of people that like your videos, subscribe to your channel or leave comments, varies largely from campaign to campaign and depends on the quality of the videos.

Why do I have to pay for this?

500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To get exposure for your music in such a crowded and competitive environment, Google created their YouTube advertising platform. Our team has years of experience in running YouTube advertising campaigns for clients across the world and knows the ins and outs of how to reach the right people and maximise the performance of your ads. However, all this is not free unfortunately. First of all, we have to pay YouTube for showing your ads and secondly we need to pay salaries for our employees - they don't work for free unfortunately.

That being said, our goal with VRocket is to make YouTube advertising accessible and affordable for people who do not have the experience to advertise themselves and who don't want to pay expensive advertising agencies to run their media campaigns.

Our prices start at only $30 include the advertising spend, setup, ad management, optimization and reporting. Traditional marketing agencies who do essentially the same, typically have management fees alone that start at over $500. Trust us, your in good hands with VRocket and our prices are some of the most competitive in the market.